Jawahar Nagar Mandi - 175001
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Event Start Date : 12/08/2019 Event End Date 12/08/2019


The pious ceremony ‘shravani Parav’ celebrated in DAVCPS Mandi. The occasion was honoured by Acharya Vedmitra Shastri, Sh Harish Behl, president Arya Samaj Mandi; Sh Mohit Chugh, Principal DAV Sunder Nagar;Teachers of DAV Nerchowk.

The ceremony started with ‘Vaidik Hawana’ by Acharya Vedmitra Shastri. After ‘Purnahuti ceremony ‘all the guests and teachers throw light on the importance of ‘shravani parv’.Performing specific rituals during Shravan maas more auspicious and fruitful than any other time of the year. Havan not only purifies and sanctifies the surroundings but also the minds of people. It generates a feeling of positivity. 

Hymns were chanted by the students and teachers. President Arya Samaj Mandi, Mr Harish Behl also expressed his views on Shravani Parv and described about virtues of Dvapura Yuga and Treta Yuga.Principal DAVCPS, Mandi Mr KS Guleria also emphasized to follow religious duties to become free from the the law of karma.